Rebuilds & Repairs

In Luzerne County

Shawnee Transmisssion rebuilds and repairs transmissions.


Shawnee Transmisssion rebuilds and repairs clutches.


Shawnee Transmisssion rebuilds and repairs differentials.


Shawnee Transmisssion does diagnostics.


Shawnee Transmisssion is the leader in transmission repair.

Shawnee Transmissions Is The Leader In Transmission Repair

Shawnee Transmissions of Kingston, PA has been rebuilding and repairing automobile transmissions since 1981. For more than 48 years, established in 1963, we have restored transmissions to their glory days and built relationships with our satisfied customers. Cars have changed a lot over those years, but our family owned business continues to build our reputation of great work at an affordable price.

Shawnee Transmisssion can handle everything from leaks to rebuilds.

From Leaks to Rebuilds, Trust Our Master Mechanics To Fix It

Shawnee Transmissions can handle everything from a minor fix like a leak to something as serious as a complete transmission rebuild whether it is automatic or manual we have you covered. Our professional mechanics are highly trained, take great satisfaction in finding a solution to an ailing transmission, and will get your vehicle back to you as soon as we possibly can. We know that your automobile is important to you, so we will repair your car with consideration.

Shawnee Transmisssion repair work is satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Repair Work Is Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Shawnee Transmissions, we stand behind our transmission work and all of our work is satisfaction guaranteed. You can trust that we will get the job done right the first time! You will not have to keep bringing your car, truck, van, minivan or SUV back to us. We offer free estimates, and free local towing with full service.

Shawnee Transmisssion provides a variety of additional services.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • > Electronic diagnostics
  • > Transfer cases
  • > Work on clutches
  • > Repair and rebuild automatic and standard transmissions
  • > Work on foreign and domestic car and transmissions
  • > Differentials repaired and replaced

Luzerne County Recognizes Our Fantastic Transmission Work

Word of Shawnee Transmissions' masterful transmission work has spread throughout not only our location in Kingston, but all of Luzerne County. We are proud to serve our customers from so many locations. Some of our customers have come from:

  • > Kingston
  • > Wilkes-Barre
  • > Dallas
  • > Nanticoke
  • > Pittston
  • > Forty Fort
  • > Mountain Top
  • > Shavertown

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